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West One helps all businesses and home owners alike in times of peril. We works alongside your appointed Loss Assessor or Loss adjuster to reinstate your building to its pre-loss condition.
3D Technology
We are very proud to be one of the first building surveying firms in the UK to employ 3D scanning technology. We use this as standard on larger residential and commercial claims.
Our 3D scans enable full walk though tours from the comfort of your own desk. We use mattertags to indicate damp readings, strip out works and hyperlinks to product information. You can even take measurements of your own.
The tours are great for desk top validation / checking works and help to cut down on the number of site visits required pre-works. Simply click on the link, or forward onto your clients for a full tour. Using a screen share zoom / teams facility enable you to give your clients a guided tour, or to highlight particular issues or areas of concern.

Clink on the link for a post fire tour of a terraced house.

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Fire is one of the most devastating perils that can affect a building and its occupants, regardless of whether the property is residential or commercial. What the fire and smoke does not destroy, the extinguishment water is likely to.  


Our surveyors are experienced in dealing with such matters and will consider the hidden water and smoke damage as much as the visible fire damage.



Flood damage can be as a result of numerous different causes. The most common being internal burst pipes, commonly termed escape of water but can be as a result of river flooding, tidal breaches or a burst water main outside a building.


Each will need to be considered on its own merit and water damage from a clean internal water pipe will need to be considered differently to a mains drainage back up and associated flood.



Impact damage to buildings is damage that has occurred via an external force colliding with the building. Often impact claims may be the result of a storm, ie a tree falling onto a house, or commonly an out of control lorry or car hitting a building.



Ground movement and possible claims for subsidence could be as a result of many factors, not least period of prolonged wet or drought, trees, adjoining buildings works, soil surcharge, drainage failure, main water supply failure, slip planes in the soil, current or previous mining / quarries. The investigations that West One will undertake will consider all possible causes and the required monitoring or remedial works.

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