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West One assists building owners, managers and occupiers to identify and resolve a range of building defects, their cause and required repairs.
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Building moment affects most properties to some degree. This can be initial settlement, differential movement between building materials (we have all seen cracks around coving and in corners of walls), movement due to chemical changes such as wall tie failure or ground movement. We can assist with the diagnosis of building movement and the recommended methods of repair.



Dampness is a very common cause of building defect. Dampness may be rising, falling, penetrating, leaking, condensation or a combination of these. Dampness is buildings is very often misdiagnosed, even by some professional advisers. We utilise a range of diagnostic and test equipment to assist in the correct diagnosis of the cause and the appropriate remedial works required.

Our Approach


We believe in an holistic approach to our surveys. We may be instructed to inspect on a crack, butdid the crack result in the damp or the damp result in the crack?


Only by inspecting and considering the building as a whole can we provide our clients with an informed opinion of the damage, the cause and repair works required.


Timber Defects


Timber defects come in a variety of ways from structural failure, to rot or insect infestation. Timber defects that are exhibited in a property are rarely the cause of the problem, only the symptom. Getting the link right between the real building issue and what is evident is where West One can help.

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